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Who We Are

Engage for Growth is led by Sally Cross. We work with our clients and a network of highly skilled Associates to make a real difference to people and their organisations. We believe in thinking systemically and relish the challenge of maximising the impact and business value from our work.

Sally Cross

Sally Cross Enagage for Growth
MBA, MSc Organisational Behaviour,
Post Graduate Diploma in Executive Coaching

Engage for Growth

20 years in the corporate world has given me a depth of experience in tackling complex people challenges. I focus on diagnosing and understanding organisational challenges, and using evidence-based methods and systems thinking for achieving wide spread positive change. This can be focused on individuals, teams or across the whole organisation, and is fundamentally about engaging people at all levels to grow them and their organisations.

I am known for my deep subject matter expertise, and ability to develop strategic, creative and innovative solutions to transform the people agenda. An example of this is using E4G-Jams to accelerate collaboration and strategic change.

As the former Head of Engagement for IBM’s European consulting business I created a transformational organisation-wide people programme with a network of people and learning champions to drive performance and organisational learning, designed employee surveys that created a crystal clear focus for action, transformed the top talent programme to be a holistic development programme, and raised the importance placed on employee voice including initiating organisation-wide employee jams to engage people with a new business strategy.

I have extensive experience of facilitating and coaching teams at all levels up to the Board, including designing key interventions to bring teams together, achieve higher levels of ambition and performance, and resolve prevailing business challenges. My coaching clients value my expertise and focus on them as individuals to gain insights about themselves, create achievable action plans, and therefore reach their goals. As well as formal 1:1 coaching, for many years I have been a go-to trusted advisor for Execs, for tackling personal challenges, or team or organisational issues.

Before focussing on the internal people agenda, I led or advised on many business change programmes for a wide range of international clients in a variety of different sectors. With this experience as a programme and change manager, I am able to bring a wide range of experience and tools to diagnose and propose solutions to business issues. I am qualified in a range of psychometric tools.

Before corporate life, I first became interested in leadership development during my time as an officer in the Royal Navy, analysing and assessing the performance of ship’s crews and systems. During this time, I became increasingly intrigued about organisation performance and behaviour, and the significant role that leadership, individual and team performance played in very different outcomes for different ships.