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Engaging people in turbulent times with social networking Jams

So, just what is an E4G-Jam?

A collaborative on-line organisation-wide conversation

  • Focused transformational intervention
  • High profile on-line event
  • Clear context + strategic question
  • 3-5 days live
  • Real-time discussion
  • Big enough to capture meaningful input
  • Participative and engaging
  • No organisational or geo barriers
  • 100’s to 1,000’s of people

Purposeful intervention to achieve a specific objective

  • Adoption of a new business strategy
  • Stimulate ideas for innovation
  • Create organisation values
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Change the culture
  • Learning fest
  • Symbolic act that things will be different in future

Jams accelerate strategic change

  • Collaborate across boundaries
  • Uncover the best ideas
  • Create/vote on priorities for action
  • Create interest, energy and excitement
  • Create sense of immediacy
  • Create common purpose
  • Identify and leverage influencers
  • Move conversations from the water cooler to open forum

How does an E4G-Jam work?

Over 3-5 days conversations progress from curiosity to action:

Day 0 - Key Question

A key strategic question is set, along with initial themes/forums

Day 1 - Explore

Some people start to explore; others sit back and watch to see what happens

Days 2/3 - Ideate

More and more concrete ideas are proposed and the discussion becomes much freer flowing

Days 4/5 - Prototype

Based on other’s ideas, people suggest prototype solutions and build consensus

 “E4G-Jams are a brilliant way to accelerate change!”